Infoworks is a site-specific installation looking at public access to information. The Stone Space Gallery is located beneath a public Library in Leytonstone.

Throughout history, societies have pushed back on the criminalisation of objects, information and actions. During Prohibition in America there were speak-easy bars. During the censorship of Western culture in the Soviet Union civilians held illegal screenings of American films in their homes. A new series of films, text art and objects will be installed into the Stone Space Gallery, representing a make-shift backlash against the censorship that has been building within the UK in response to the rise of technology and in particular the internet. Infoworks is an immersive installation depicting a dystopian society where freedoms of information, speech and press have been pushed underground, into a sanctuary.


Exhibited at The Play Space, London 2017 and Chelsea College of Art Degree Show 2015

Etiquette is an audio piece and accompanying text piece played on surround sound speakers involving 3 characters who argue and discuss the meaning of art. Every word these characters use is a quote from a reputable character within the art world, some alive, others not. Syllabus is the accompanying text piece which highlights both the origins of these quotes and comments on art education as a subjective exercise.

Etiquette, The Play Space artist residency, London 2017
Etiquette, Chelsea Degree Show 2015


Absent acted as an audio guide to an exhibition which was long since passed. Using quotes from artists, curators and art critics, the surround-sound audio piece functioned as a critique on authoritative figures within art who speak of their interpretations as absolute and factual when they are often contradictory. Lights on timers would activate at certain points of the audio piece, creating a link between what was being said, and what the viewer could see in the installation. At the exit, a library was placed for viewers to ‘read up’ on their experience as an intended patronisation of visitors (which so often happens in museums).


Shapes, Hackney Wick, 2014

A curatorial project investigating the relationship between artist & curator. A labyrinth of hanging walls made from bubble wrap, paper and aluminium sheeting provided the flexibility to create and change space within the venue. Each artist was involved in discussing how and where their work would be situated, and how it would be presented. Installations ranged from video, light sculpture, paintings and sound. Instead of asking participants to illustrate a curatorial idea, the artists were involved in the conversation on how their work should be shown both in isolation and within the broader context of the entire experience.

Participating artists:

Polly Robinson, Bo Choy, Sam Davis, Ahushan Lathief, Simone Barnes, Joanna Penso, Anna Jacob

Curated by Joanna Penso

Photographs by Alberto Romano

Teach Me How To Greet

Teach Me How To Greet is an ongoing, interactive installation. First exhibited at The Play Space in 2017.

Audiences are encouraged to teach each other to say hello in all of the languages that they know. This piece is designed as a backlash against rising nationalism, and as a prop for conversations around cultural differences.