A light installation at granary art house, york
Open 5:30- 9pm Weds- Sat until 18 dec
The Old Granary
29A Brownlow Street
YO10 8LW
I traced the different historical uses of the house paying particular attention to the last phase of major re-development; a storage warehouse turned into 4 residential dwellings. The building originally spanned across Brownlow Street and Eldon Street. The bricks used in the buildings on Eldon street have been repurposed from the original venue, which is where the starting point for Pending came from.

During a period of research where I spoke to the architect and builder Matthew Laverack, a photo stood out amongst a series of documentation shots. This was an image of re-purposed bricks placed together in a cube shape, waiting to be reused. The temporality of this cube of bricks speaks to the potential of new phases in a buildings lifespan.

Pending depicts the transitionary phases of past, present and future of spaces, embodying the opportunity which lies dormant during those all important planning stages.
Generously supported by First York Re-start Fund

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